Manchester Elks Lodge #1893 began presenting "Citizen of the Year" awards in 2011. Per Elks guidelines, each Lodge is "encouraged to select a citizen, not necessarily an Elk, who has contributed to improving the community. This individual should have shown leadership, volunteered in the community, and been recognized as an all-around good citizen."

The first award recipients were MACC Charities' Beth Stafford, MARC executive director Ken Charpentier, and veteran Sandra Lee. Starting in 2015, a testimonial dinner was held for recipients, and funds raised were given to a charity of the that person's choice; click the name below to see the Award ceremony program, including the recipient's accomplishments which led to the award.

 Year  Recipient
2021 Kelly Remetta
2019 Gerry Gallo
2018 Eric Larson
2017 Danita Sulick
2016 Nate Agostinelli
2015 Father Kevin P. Cavanaugh