During the mid-1990s an Historical and Architectural Resource Survey of Manchester was begun, with the intention of bringing together a listing of structures of historical or local interest in Manchester, their locations, characteristics, architectural styles and so forth. The Survey was completed in 1998.

Properties to be included had to meet criteria establised for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places; though the scope of the surveys were expanded to include structures which in some way are associated with an important person or event in Manchester, or had architectural merit, or which typify the styles or methods of construction used in the past.

Initial surveys were broken down by Village: Manchester Green, North Manchester, Main Street and the East Side and the West Side. Then a final examination was done, to include structures throughout the entire Town area not previously subjected to intensive examination, regardless of their locale.

The result is a comprehensive overview of historically-relevant properties in Manchester, broken down into a series of volumes by Village. In 2015 these volumes were all scanned and incorporated into this web site.

You can access the results of the selected buildings of each survey individually, or can access them all at one time. Access will be to listings, sorted in various ways, with each address pointing to the Survey pages which describe them.

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