(from "Dedication New Connecticut River Bridge" published in American Enterprise Souvenir, East Hartford, Connecticut, 1908).

The business record of William L. Buckland furnishes an interesting example of what a progressive and enterprising citizen has been able to do in Manchester. To transform a dilapidated street corner into a hive of business activity, utilizing the site by erecting thereon a commodious department store with attractive surroundings, also the establishing of an undertaking business, are the commercial achievements of Mr. Buckland during the past thirteen years. And during all this industry, Mr. Buckland has not denied himself the pastimes which lighten business cares, and he can and does find leisure to catch the largest bass and bring down the biggest coon of the season as frequently as any of the sportsmen in this vicinity.

Mr. Buckland was born in Hartford May 28, 1866. He was educated in the public schools and in the Vermont Methodist seminary, Montpelier, Vt. Nearly all of his life has been spent in the general merchandising business.

After leaving Hartford, he lived in East Hartford for four years, and in 1894 he moved to Manchester. He engaged in business at the corner of North Main and (North) School streets, and it was not long before he bought the land and buildings. One improvement followed another, until finally Mr. Buckland found himself in possession of the department store which he now owns and conducts.

In 1899 he started in the undertaking business, and during the past nine years has been successful in that line.

Several years ago, he married Miss Henrietta Ingraham; Mr. and Mrs. Buckland have one child, a daughter, Olive.

Mr. Buckland is a member of King David Lodge, I.O.O.F.