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People Then & Now
Manchester, Center of Historic Architecture (Platt, Richardson, Billings, Stanford White, et al) by Susan Barlow; many notable architects designed Manchester buildings!
Gladys Adams (1910-2001), historian and author; 1992 profile in the former "Manchester Extra." Gladys wrote this history of Buckland a 130-page book about the northwest section of Manchester.
Herbert Bengtson (1913-2010), former Town historian, talks about his family's "Swedish connection" to Manchester
What is Manchester Today? by Joe Camposeo, presented at Cheney Hall, June 13, 2015
Dorothy "Dotti" Cannon Obituary from the Journal Inquirer, June 13, 2020
1908 obituary for A. Wells Case, reprinted from the South Manchester News
Julia Chase Brand, a Leading Pioneer, by Jeré Longman (New York Times article, dated October 25, 2011)
Women in the Manchester Road Race: A Matter of Gender (Julia Chase-Brand et al) by Ana Foley-Schain
Charles Cheney, (1803-1874) funeral, 1874 Courant article.
Charles Cheney, (1803-1874) street name. Charles Cheney lived for a time in Ohio, where he was a part of the Underground Railroad. This 1999 reprint describes the naming of a street after him. Charles did return to Manchester and was involved in the family silk business.
Charles Cheney, (1866-1942), served as president and chairman of the board of Cheney brothers. This reprint includes pictures, an obituary, and notes about the mansion where he lived.
Howell Cheney, obituary of Howell Cheney (1870-1957), reprinted from the Manchester Evening Herald.
Howell Cheney School, notes about the technical school in Manchester named for Howell Cheney (1870-1957).
Mary Cheney Manchester philanthropist, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, January 25, 1967.
Ralph Cheney, obituary of Ralph Cheney (1806-1897), reprinted from the South Manchester News.
Russell Cheney, catalogue of a 2001 exhibit at the Cheney Homestead, by Mary Dunne.
Russell Cheney Manchester artist, by Susan Barlow.
Seth Wells Cheney obituary, 1856 New York Times.
Sophie n�e Bissell Cheney (1842-1916) obituary. Sophie married Richard Otis Cheney in 1863. (Her first name is spelled Sophie on her gravestone; note that the newspaper spells it Sophia).
Ward Cheney (1813-1876) obituary. Ward was President of Cheney Brothers 1855-1876.
Lacy and Isobel [Cobb] by Harry Cowles, from his memoir "My Random Thoughts," reprinted in "The Storytellers" book
Friendship: He was Dick [Cobb] and I was Johnnie by John H. McHugh
COVID-19, Thoughts by Susan Barlow
COVID-19 "diary" by David Garnes
COVID-19 Thankful to Survive COVID-19 by Crin Robert-Krouse
COVID-19 Reflection by John Robotto
COVID-19 Views on COVID-19 by Walter Scadden
John Dormer, Volunteer with Manchester Historical Society by Mike Walsh
"Honest Douglas" [Dumas] � Used Cars On Main Street by Susan Barlow
Leon Fallot Brings 47-Year Photo Career to End by Malcolm Barlow
Remembrance: Lee Fracchia by Susan Barlow
From Your Neighbor's Kitchen booklets, digitized and indexed.
"Life and Times of Jeremiah Grady (1815-1897) by James Wood; includes information about Mr. Grady's grandson, Jerry Fay (1897-1978), Manchester Sports Hall of Fame member.
Tailor Joe Grimaldi Marks 50 Years Of Business On Spruce Street  (Hartford Courant article, dated April 7, 2015 by Michael Walsh)
Anna Grimason's family album  95-page booklet of family pictures and history, created in the 1990s.
Lifelong Resident Elena Gutzmer (1923-2013) by Mike Walsh
The Hibbard Family in the Old North End by Susan Barlow
50th Anniversary of the Hibbard Family store in the North End as published in the South Manchester News, April 2, 1897
Elisha Hilliard Cooper, illustrated book about a descendant of the Hilliard family, famous in Manchester for the Hilliard Woolen Mills in the Hilliardville section of Manchester.
Hilliardville Then and Now, by Susan Barlow.
Mrs. Howe's Maternity Home, illustrated notes about Mary Howe's maternity home at 52 Wadsworth Street, by Susan Barlow and Noreen Cullen.
Conversations About the North End With Wally Irish from a 2005 interview by Fred D'Angelo
William H. Jones and His Memoirs by Susan Barlow
Tom Kelley Reminiscences Notes by Susan Barlow
An Extraordinary Photographer, John Knoll, Jr. by Susan Barlow
Othniel Charles Marsh by (author unknown)
Tim McCann's letters from Vietnam, 1970, reprinted from "Old Manchester II...The Storytellers," published by the Manchester Historical Society in 1995.
Joe McCluskey, "Manchester's Greatest Runner" compiled by Susan Barlow
Honoring Joseph McCluskey, a speech by Rick Dyer on 5/19/2017 at a reception at the History Center, Manchester.
Connecticut AAU track meet results on letterhead of Manchester "Y," director Joseph McCluskey 06/22/1947. Note that track standout and Olympian Joe McCluskey, brother of John McCluskey mentioned below, returned to Manchester after serving in WWII, and became director of the "Y" in Manchester's North End.
Newspaper clippings about a January 1937 track meet in Boston and crowd favorite Joseph McCluskey (1911-2002). Joe is credited with helping revive the Manchester Thanksgiving Day road race after WWII.
Manchester Herald, 06/23/1973 article on "Shufflin' Joe" McCluskey.
Various articles about Joe McCluskey.
Honoring John E. McCluskey by Susan Barlow
Memoirs Reveal Manchester History by Susan Barlow
Dr. D.C.Y. Moore reprinted obituaries from The Hartford Courant
Manchester's Amazing Moriarty Brothers by Gerald Demusey, Hartford Courant, August 19, 1951
Moriarty Gets Chamber Award, Hartford Courant, August 16, 1964
Photographer & Teacher Sylvian "Sinch" Ofiara honored for his legacy to Eastern CT Health Network in its 2013 Annual Report
Memoir by Sylvian "Sinch" Ofiara, "When Capitalism Came to Hackmatack Street," illustrated booklet of memories of Manchester in the 1930s. Also see: photos by Sinch and photos from his collection on this website.
My Work in the WAVES: An Interview with Dorothy Gaynell (Denton) Olcott by Susan Barlow
One of a Kind ... The Grass Man  (obituary of James B. Olcott) by Rev. Dr. George W. Reynolds
Remembrances of James B. Olcott by (various)
The Storrs Agricultural School: Its Formal Opening... by James B. Olcott to the Hartford Daily Courant
Photo collection of Gail Peck including Sheridan Hotel, Center Memorial Park, Armory, with commentary
"Herald the Reggie Pinto Exhibit! Forty Years of Manchester Photos" by Jacqueline Bennett
The Pitkins, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, June 28, 1967.
Cigars and the Pohlmann Family compiled from various sources
Charles Adams Platt, architect, list of mansions he designed on the Great Lawn, by Susan Barlow
Lewis M. Porter, Manchester Trail Maker by Susan Barlow, reprinted from Connecticut Woodlands, magazine of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association. His 1948 (revised 1964) Trail Map, of the Highland Park area.
Fred B. Pohlman, Cigar Maker by Earl Yost
Lewis M. Porter, Manchester Trail Maker by Susan Barlow, reprinted from Connecticut Woodlands, magazine of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association. His 1948 (revised 1964) Trail Map, of the Highland Park area.
Violet S. Reid reminisces about her father, the auctioneer, in this excerpt from the Storytellers book published by the Manchester Historical Society
Dave Rines: Manchester Man is a Machinist who Dismantles the Stereotypes by Susan Plese
Historian John Rogers by Malcolm Barlow, Manchester Herald article reprinted in "The Storytellers" book
Interview with Judge Jay E. Rubinow by Susan Barlow
Roger Schubert's memoir, "No Guns on Sunday" about growing up in the 1930s and 40s on Cooper Street.
Bob Samuelson Recalls Manchester's Early Days from an interview of September, 2006 by Fred D'Angelo
Emily Smith and International Friendship by Susan Barlow
Mathias Spiess - Manchester: Past Places, People by Anna McGuire, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, from The Manchester Evening Herald, May 10, 1967. Mathias Spiess lived from 1873 to 1959.
Death of Dominic Squatrito, who died May 13, 1932 by Dick Jenkins, Manchester High School class of 1955
"The Manchester Homicide, A Sketch of the Life of Albert L. Starkweather, The Murderer of His Mother and Sister, With a Full Report of His Trial and Conviction, and His Confession," by A.H. Hotchkiss, published 1866. The murders took place at the Starkweather home in the Oakland section of Manchester. Newspaper account of the murders, published August 3, 1865.
Tober Brothers and Meyer Tober -- baseball factory by Susan Barlow
In Memory of Frederick A. "Fred" Towle -- Obituary and Interview by Susan Barlow
Fred Ayer Verplanck articles by Harold E. Turkington and Dr. William E. Buckley
Thomas Weldon and the Downtown of Yore by Susan Barlow
Horace Wickham, inventor and entrepreneur by David Smith
Richard Whitehouse, "In Memoriam" article about conservationist and trail leader Dick Whitehouse, by editor Christine Woodside, reprinted with permission from CT Woodlands, the quarterly magazine of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. Dick Whitehouse was instrumental for many years in the care of the Shenipsit Trail in the Highland Park section of Manchester
Dr. Francis H. Whiton excerpt from 1892 "MEN OF PROGRESS" published by New England magazine
Dr. Francis H. Whiton biographical excerpt from the Whiton Library website
Wunnee, Indian Princess book, by Mathias Spiess, published in 1934.

Places Then & Now
'Chute Saves Flyer When Ship [Airplane] Crashes from the Hartford Courant
The Many Lives of Apel's Opera House by Susan Barlow
An Irish play performed at Apel's Opera House, March 19, 1897
A Taste of Buckland by Susan Barlow
Buckland, the Northwest Section of Manchester by Gladys S. Adams (1910-2001), independent scholar, 130-page illustrated book.
Two Hundred Years of Buckland Cemetery by Susan Barlow
[Buckland] Pony Rides and Buckland Times by Susan Barlow
Save Case Mountain trifold brochure distributed by the Save Case Mountain committee c. 1972, donated by Dr. Fred Spaulding
Preserving Center Memorial Park by Susan Barlow
Printed Program for 100th anniversary of Center Memorial Park by Susan Barlow
Historic Center Springs Park by Susan Barlow
Center Springs Park Plan  This circa 1989 plan includes a description of work completed and work to be done in the park.
Center Springs Park Landscape Architect Proposal  This 1929 proposal includes a map of the 50+ acre park.
Charter Oak Park former auction shed  Photos of the fruit-and-vegetable auction shed, 1920s-1940s, in a field that would become Charter Oak Park.

Cheney Brothers District Nomination Form, prepared in 1977, this 45-page form nominates the Cheney Brothers Historic District for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places; related pictures are in the next document
Cheney Brothers District Nomination Photographs, 12 photographs accompanying the 1977 Nomination Form
Cheney Brothers Landmark District Plan of Preservation and Development, 93-page booklet published in April 1980. Video of sign installed on Forest Street, near Downtown, welcoming visitors.
Cheney Cemetery, four-page pamphlet with information from "If All the Great Men," about some of the family members whose gravestones are located at the 2.03-acre cemetery adjacent to the East Cemetery on East Center Street.
History Close to Home � the Cheney Homestead by Susan Barlow
Cheney Homestead Open to Public May 23, 1969 article in Manchester Evening Herald
Admiring the Frank Cheney, Jr., House by Susan Barlow
Timothy Cheney House, formerly on East Center Street, once owned by James Cheney and then by the Clarke family; article by Susan Barlow
Cheney Property Auctions of Sept. 23-25, 1937 flyers and detail information
Letter from Cheney Engineering Dept., June 29, 1954, notifying home-owners of the discontinuation of steam from the mills -- they would need to heat their own homes starting in 1955.
Golf and the Manchester Country Club illustrated article by Bob Kanehl, with research by Town staff and Town Historian
100 Years of Dancing Bears by Susan Barlow
D.A.R. Fountain in Center Park 100th anniversary, by Dick Jenkins
Out of the Ashes: Downtown Fires 1897 to 1919 by Dick Jenkins, April 2016
The Forgotten Fossils: Superstores of the Future Are Burying Dinosaurs' Past by Olivia F. Gentile, from the Hartford Courant, June 23, 2000
Fouracres -- or Forest House, a boarding house at 140 Cooper Street.
Globe Hollow Reservoir construction and improvements articles, including info from The Hartford Courant 1907 and 1911, and an article by Jeannine Johnson.
Ending the Drive to Save the Great Lawn from the Manchester Herald, September 7, 1983
History of the Porterfield family, for whom the Porterfield condominiums were named; by Mark Forgetta and Doris MacLachan Cole
Scam reported by Manchester Chamber of Commerce in the Herald March 15, 1926
Strolling Around the [Manchester] Green by Susan Barlow

Hartford Bridge Souvenir Number (home page of 1908 Bulkeley Bridge dedication pamphlet excerpts
Hartford Bridge: Comments and Reminiscences
Hartford Bridge, Over the Connecticut River (bridge history excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: William L. Buckland (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: The Honorable Maro S. Chapman (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: James W. Cheney (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: Oliver Magnell (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: Dr. D.C.Y. Moore (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hartford Bridge: Dr. Francis S. Whiton (biographical excerpt from 1908 pamphlet above)
Hillliardville, Then and Now by Susan Barlow
Case paper mill article in a 1968 Boise Cascade newsletter.
1881, Case paper mills win a first-place award for their press boards, 1881
Case and Bunce paper mill history, summarized in 1922 by Ella Stanley
North American Review sample magazine article and information about Robert Stanley's subscription. He worked at Case Mills. Interesting what was being read in 1886.
Case Brothers Stone Bridge at Highland Park photo and anecdote by "Old Codger"

1923 Case Brothers Photo (Employees at Paper Mill at Highland Park) by Susan Barlow
1931 Inventory of Case Brothers' property at Highland Park with details of paper mills, equipment, employee housing, and the Case farm -- including cows and hens -- on Birch Mountain Road. Thanks to the Case family for lending this book and to Bob Gauthier for scanning it.
Case Brothers Historic District (in Highland Park) Nomination is Approved by Susan Barlow
Case Brothers Historic District (in Highland Park) Nomination Form, Part 1: Nomination & History National Park Service forms
Case Brothers Historic District (in Highland Park) Nomination Form, Part 2: Photos National Park Service forms
A Visit to Highland Park by Susan Barlow
Hockanum River Central to Manchester's History by Susan Barlow
Manchester's Hollywood by Susan Barlow
"After 4 Years," 1924 history of Manchester Memorial Hospital, Haynes Street, with illustrations and lists of donors to the hospital. 96 pages.
1996 History of Manchester Memorial Hospital, Haynes Street. By William Buckley and Eleanor Coltman
Lakeview � A Housing Development With Long-Term Appeal by Susan Barlow
Summer Fun at Laurel Park by Susan Barlow
Learned House Rich in Cheney Memoribilia by Marge Flynn, from the Manchester Herald, 01/28/1961
Eponymous Lydallville by Susan Barlow
Machine Shop From 1895 to 2009 by Susan Barlow
National Recognition of Manchester's History -- listings on the National Register of Historic Places, by Susan Barlow
Ninth District Fire - Cheney $200,000 Donation from the Hartford Courant October 24, 1913
The Hibbard Family in the Old North End by Susan Barlow
North End - On the Other Side of the Tracks by Susan Barlow
Visiting the Old North End with Ed Koski by Susan Barlow
North Methodist Church 1931 in the Manchester Herald
Pinehurst in 1931 on its 12th anniversary in the Manchester Herald
The Poorhouse and its Controversies by Susan Barlow
Porter Street's Hart Porter by Jim Hall
Silver Lane Homes, off Hartford Road in Manchester, CT. by Susan (Miner) Lyons
Admiring South Manchester High School, 1151 Main Street by Susan Barlow
"New" South Manchester High School building to open from the South Manchester News, September 2, 1904
Location of South Manchester High School, describing the buildings that pre-dated the former high school at 1151 Main Street by Dick Jenkins
South Manchester High School history 1893 to 1943.
Listing of South Manchester High School graduates, 1894 to 1913.
South Manchester High School class of 1917 at their 50th reunion, June 26, 1967.
Summertimes Past by Susan Barlow
Historical & Architectural Surveys of the Villages of Manchester prepared for the Manchester Planning Department and the CT Historical Commission
Manchester's Theaters part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, April 12, 1967. For a copy of the original, untranscribed, article Manchester Herald article
Visiting Many-Sided Tolland Turnpike by Susan Barlow
"Waranoke Inn:" Fire Destroyed this Downtown Landmark on October 12, 2013 by Susan Barlow
Washington School built on Cedar Street, opened in 1915, by Susan Barlow
Magazine article about Washington School architecture, in 1921 Building Age
Printed program for a May 2019 reception at Washington School, before its imminent closing.
Whiton Library Brochure circa 1950
The Great Historical Society Window Project by Susan Barlow
Woodland Park timeline by Gladys Adams, reprinted in The Storytellers book available online.
Trotting at Woodland Park by Susan Barlow

Historic Businesses & Inventors
"INVENTIONS and PATENTS"    (page in this website)
Adams Mill Restaurant - History of the Mill by The Adams Mill Restaurant, et al
Bon Ami - "Hasn't Scratched Yet" by Jim Hall
57 Years at Carter Chevrolet by Tom Duff
Cheney Mills "Lessons From Ancestors" by Thomas E. Myers, Cheney family descendant
Cheney Redux: "Invest in the Past" by Sue Plese
The Cheney Silk Mills by Susan Barlow
Cheney Silk Workers February 5, 1917
History Lesson #7 - The First "Major" Fire [Cheney Store] from August, 2007 Town of Manchester General Manager's Report
Beginnings of the Cheney Store by Douglas Welch
Deci's Restaurant a Scene out of "American Graffiti" by Richard Tambling
Keeping Historically Accurate: Dye House At Cheney Mills Complex Reborn As Apartments by Anne Hamilton
Ferris building flyer.
Ferris Brothers history by Beth Ferris Albrecht.
William Booth Gammons and the Founding of the Gammons Hoaglund Co. by Marion Booth Gammons
The Gorman Brothers: Quarrymen and Builders by Bob Gorman
Grocery store at Hale's department store 1931 by Manchester Herald
Light Bulbs, Soap and Drama on Hilliard Street by Susan Barlow
Iona Manufacturing Company by Susan Barlow
Lydall & Foulds newletter, January-February 1960 edition.
Mari-Mad's - A Specialty Store Started Half A Century Ago by Susan Barlow
Manchester Herald staff 1931 photo, on the Herald's 50th anniversary.
Manchester Herald editorial about Manchester's progress 12/16/1896, on the Herald's 15th anniversary.
Manchester Herald history, two articles about the newspaper, published from 1881 to 1991, with vintage pictures.
Manchester Herald history, Tom Ferguson's Herald anniversary, published in the Herald October 9, 1909.
1880s and 1890s history of Manchester Herald and other Manchester newspapers, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, March 22, 1967.
Manchester Herald Neighbor's Kitchen, a March 1982 article from the popular series by Herald reporters and photographers. This entry features Norma Mullen and her recipes for Irish soda bread, Irish coffee, etc.
"From Your Neighbor's Kitchen" recipes in the Manchester Herald cookbooks -- a recipe index by Kathy Lewis Williams, who created this list so her daughters-in-law could have the recipes that were used when Kathy's sons were growing up.
Marlow's selling Corelle dinnerware, with picture of Harriet Wyrus (1912-1998) in this 1970 Manchester Herald business section article; no byline
John Mather Glass Factory by Brenda Paullo
Mather Electric an article about Edison light bulbs, called "Manchester Dark," from The Hartford Courant, 01/23/1893
An Old Medicine Bottle by Martin Duke, M.D.
Mohr's Bakery located on Gorman Place, Downtown by Bob Gorman, born in Manchester in 1922.
Oak Grove Paper Mills by Susan Barlow
The Pitkin Glass Works by Charles E. Jacobson Jr., M.D.
Pioneer Parachute Parasail, by Jim Reuter, Pioneer Parachute historian
Pioneer Parachute Stories, notes by Susan Barlow
A Little Dig [at the Pitkin Glass Works] -- For Lessons They Can't Find In A Textbook by David Huck, Journal Inquirer
From Track to Trail: Improvements Make Old Cheney Rail Line Easier to Walk from the Hartford Courant, 12/05/2012
Branch [Rail] Road to South Manchester from the Hartford Daily Courant, 05/22/1869
Railroad Timetable showing trips out of Hartford, from the Hartford Courant, 4/2/1894
Railroad Test In Manchester from the Hartford Courant, 11/24/1914
[Rails] Connecting Manchester by Susan Barlow
"Goat" Makes Last Journey on [Rails] from the Manchester Herald, 01/27/1933
Royal Ice Cream, history of this hometown business, established 1926.
The Reinvention of Silk by Henry Fountain   (New York Times "Science Times" article, dated 03/07/2011)
Spencer Got Up a Full Head of Steam by Richard Tarmbling
The Day Spencer Shot Holes in Criticisms of His Rifle by Richard Tarmbling
Tonica and Rock Water Once Called Cure-Alls by Jack Repass
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 1, published December 1885
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 2, published February 1886
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 5, published June 1886
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 6, published July 1886
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 8, published September 1886
Highland News, featuring Tonica Water Volume 1, Number 10, published July 1887
Tonica Springs Record newspaper, Volume 1, Number 1, published April 1891 in Highland Park, Manchester, CT
Tonica Springs Record newspaper, Volume 1, Number 2, published August 1891 in Highland Park, Manchester, CT
1885 Case brothers water bottling plant story in Manchester Herald
Highland Tonica Water from Hanks' 1888 Manchester Directory
1888 Union Manufacturing Employees by Susan Barlow
The Wyllys Copper Mine by Charles E. Jacobson Jr., M.D.

Other Local-History Topics
Antique Study Club program booklet, about 5" by 7" dated 1970, with names of members, most of whom lived in Manchester: Esther Bissell, Dorothy Coe, Dorothy Crocker, Irene Harrison, Alice McKay, Jennie Pitkin, Bette Steele, Marion Stiles, Eleanor Stubenrauch, Willo Suprenant, Martha WIlliams.
Baseball in Manchester by Brenda Paullo
Baseball Champs 1949 by Dick Jenkins
Baseball in Manchester by Earl Yost, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, April 26, 1967.
Miss Elisabeth Bennet's Bench in the collection of the Historical Society
"Cheney Brothers Was the World" 1981 photo exhibit by Sylvian Ofiara and John Sutherland; poster and description of an exhibit of photos about the silk mills and the people who worked there.
Charm in Manchester by Susan Barlow; includes information on Malcolm Mollan, who coined the motto "A City of Village Charm."
Connecticut town name suffixes by Ted Jacobson
Cruising on Main in a 1937 Plymouth by Dick Jenkins
Kings and Queens of the Road, Cruising on Main by Dave Nutter
[Barney Edward Daley:] Keeper of Local Lore Dies from Hartford Courant
Manchester Town Fire Department Personnel listing of volunteer & paid members of the South Manchester Fire Department, Town of Manchester Fire Department, & Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS Department. Researched & compiled by Douglas L. Welch & Noreen Palladino Cullen, October 2019. This research project was conducted by private individuals using information gathered from old newspaper articles, fire company logbooks, census records, cemetery records, town directories, and any other source which could be accessed. It does not list all members of the various fire companies, but due to the scarcity of early company or department personnel records, it is the best resource currently available. The information contained herein is not an official Fire Department document and was created for its research value only. Note: The number in the 4th column refers to the Fire Station number.
Manchester Fire Department Vignettes: Reflections by various
Recalling the 1869 Flood in this 1907 Manchester Herald article reprinted in The Storytellers book, published by the Manchester Historical Society.
Fraternal organization listing 1924, from the Spiess and Bidwell History of Manchester book
Ice Price article 1906
One-page summary Manchester History prepared in 1987
Manchester Masonic Lodge booklet prepared 1926 upon the dedication of the "new" temple at East Center Street
Manchester Masonic Lodge History prepared circa 1996
Newspapers in Manchester in 1900 along with publisher's name; 4 newspapers at that time
1930 Packard coupe -- story of a car once owned by the Paymaster at Cheney silk mills and still on the road in Manchester in 2016.
Start Service Today at New Post Office at Center from Manchester Herald
Artifacts of the Podunk Indians by Barney Edward Daley
Postcard announcing Prohibition meeting addressed to Robert N. Stanley of South Manchester
Racially restrictive covenants in Manchester described in David Ware's 2019 research paper, "The Black and White of Greenway." David graduated from Manchester High School in 1969, received a BA in Political Science from Amherst College, and a JD from UConnSchool of Law. He retired as Vice President and Counsel for Pratt & Whitney Military Engines in 2012. He taught Business Law at Albertus Magnus College and in UConn's MBA program. He wrote this paper as part of his course work for his Master of Laws in Human Rights and Social Justice.
Armchair Historic Research by Susan Barlow
History of Manchester Schools notes by Brenda Paullo
Swedish Singers and a Humorist at Cheneys' Hall from Dec. 1, 1888 Manchester Saturday Herald
Then & Now photo feature in 1970s/80s Manchester Herald collected by Bob Hetzel
Town Seal Captures History by Susan Barlow
Twenty-Mule Team visits Manchester to promote laundry product by Susan Barlow
Wall That Heals booklet for the October 8-11, 2015 visit to Manchester by this memorial, a replica of the one in Washington, D.C. The booklet includes photos of and information about the Manchester veterans who died in Vietnam.
How Did Your School Get Its Name? by Jim Hall   (primary reference is on the Kids' Corner page of this website)
Schools of the Past, But Still With Us by Susan Barlow   (primary reference is on the Kids' Corner page of this website)
Schools Now Departed by Susan Barlow   (primary reference is on the Kids' Corner page of this website)


Note: Due to the size of many of these files, a high-speed connection is recommended, along with patience for the very large files, as they can take several minutes to appear.

1823 documentation  of Manchester's incorporation.

History of Manchester book  This large PDF file contains the 327-page 1924 book, "The History of Manchester, Connecticut," published in honor of Manchester's centennial year (1923). The file takes several moments to download. Written by Mathias Spiess and Percy Bidwell, the book was converted to an electronic file for research use by Dick Spiess, the grandson of one of the authors. The book is a definitive history of the town from pre-historic times to the "modern age" of 1923. As a research aid to the Spiess and Bidwell book, we offer this Index of Names, which was created in 1999 to help in finding people's names.

1886 Manchester History from "The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884"   The history was edited by J. Hammond Trumbull, L.L.D., President of the Connecticut Historical Society, and contains drawings, facsimile signatures, and commentary. This 23-page portion of the full "Memorial History" contains the part about Manchester.

1895-98 Alms House records   A 144-page Town of Manchester ledger listing expenses paid, including coal, food, medicine, burial. Handwritten and a LARGE document to open in your browser.

Old Manchester II...The Storytellers   272-page book compiled and edited by Milton K. Adams, and published by the Manchester Historical Society in 1995. Included are vintage photos from the archives, reprints from The Manchester Evening Herald, first-person stories, and oral history interviews conducted by Society volunteers. Thanks to volunteer Dick Spiess for scanning.

Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 1
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 2
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 3
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Pages 4-5 (center)
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 6
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 7
Homeland Day 1914, Manchester Herald Special Edition - Page 8   On Saturday, June 13, 1914, the Herald published an 8-page "Special Number," for the Homeland Day in Manchester, a large celebration. Due to the large format, each file has one page, except for the center two pages, which are one document.

1888 "Hanks' Manchester Directory" 140-page reference book, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Note that abbreviations are listed on page 33 of the directory, which you can directly access by clicking here (on the right side of the display).

1907 Annual Report of Manchester, 84-page booklet with financial listings: town expenses, income; school attendance, progress on road constructions, etc.

1913 Manchester Directory, with this introduction: "The HERALD PRINTING COMPANY, now for the first time publisher of the Manchester Directory, presents this issue with apologies, made necessary by its inexperience at this kind of work. We bought the copyright last year from Arthur E. Bowers, who established the Directory, subletting it to various college students from year to year. The actual work of printing the book has heretofore been done in Meriden." Takes a moment to download.

1915 Manchester Directory. 232 pages, published by the Herald Printing Company, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Note the Publisher's Announcement on page 3, explaining that the preparation of this directory was "...complicated by the fact that during the past year the streets of Manchester have been renumbered. Hence not one of the entries of the 1914 edition could pass over unchanged into the 1915 directory." Takes a moment to download.

1917 Manchester Directory. 126 pages, published by the Herald Printing Company, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download.
1917 Manchester Directory - Comments and Reminiscences.

1922 Manchester Directory. 362-page reference book, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Doris Burns for lending it, and to Bob Gauthier for scanning.

1927 Manchester Directory. 464-page reference book, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

1934 Manchester Directory. 418-page search-able reference book published by Price & Lee, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website. <

1946 Manchester Directory. 716-page search-able reference book, published by Price and Lee, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

Manchester Annual Report 1966-1967. 48-page booklet with photos and listings of prior year's activities, departments, town officials, expenditures, etc. Special feature: comparisons with 1927, for example, on page 28, "In 1926-27, the Town did not operate any public water supply system or any sanitary sewer system. It was not until a half a decade later that water and sewer systems were purchased from Cheney Brothers." Thanks to Bob Hetzel for donating and to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

1966 Manchester Directory. 1072-page search-able reference book, published by Price and Lee, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

1969 Chamber of Commerce Booklet. 60-page booklet about Manchester with text, photos, and advertisements. Thanks to Bob Hetzel for this publication, and to Susan Barlow for scanning it. Takes a moment to download.

1973 Sesquicentennial Booklet. 150th anniversary celebration booklet with history, commentary, photos, ads, and in the center of the book a list of the metal plaques placed at historic buildings and properties during Manchester's sesquicentennial celebration. Thanks to Vivian Ferguson for this little treasure and thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

1975 Manchester Directory. 647-page search-able reference book, published by Price and Lee, listing businesses and residents and containing advertisements. Takes a moment to download. Thanks to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

1978 "Manchester Fire Department 90th Anniversary." Booklet with history and photos for the Eighth Utilities District volunteer fire department. Thanks to Bob Hetzel for donating and to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

"Yesterday and Today" 1978-1979 Annual Report Town of Manchester. 40-page booklet with photos and listings of prior year's activities, departments, expenditures, etc. A mini-history of the previous year, including, on page 26, "...the Town is planning to initiate a '911' system as a method of calling for emergency services." Thanks to Bob Hetzel for donating and to Bob Gauthier for scanning for the website.

History of Bikes and biking in Manchester, by Anna McGuire, an article that originally appeared in a 1966 Manchester Evening Herald, and was reprinted in our "Storytellers" book.

Bee Register, 1919-1989 Ledger, listing beekeepers, their addresses, number of colonies, number of hives and date paid ($0.25 per hive). Many familiar town names are listed as keeping bees. Thanks to Noreen Cullen and Bob Gauthier for bringing this in digital format to our website.

Buckland Times Newsletters. Susan Way has given us permission to post these newsletters about the Buckland section of Manchester on our website.
Buckland Times Newsletters: Memories. Memories and reminiscences from readers of the Buckland Times reprints.

Burr Nursery, 1968   Burr Nursery four-page reprint from the April 1968 "Connecticut Industry" magazine. While lacking concrete information such as where the business was located and number of employees, still the pictures and history make it interesting. Burr Nursery was in the North End of Manchester, and had "plantations" for growing trees in other towns in Connecticut.

Center Congregational Church history, booklet published in 1880 upon the church's 100th anniversary.

"Descent of the Founders of the Cheney Silk Industry" by Dorothy Cheney Dorothy Cheney, 07/12/1880 to 01/30/1971, wrote "Descent of the Founders of the Cheney Silk Industry," and privately published 150 copies in 1960. Dorothy also wrote "Memories, 1917-1919," about her experiences volunteering in hospitals in France during World War I (see below. She and her twin sister, Marjory, were daughters of Frank Woodbridge Cheney and Mary Bushnell Cheney. The February 1, 1971 obituary in the New York Times says, "Miss Cheney was a trustee of the Connecticut Junior Republic and the Visiting Nurse Association of Manchester and an honorary member of the 16th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment (Civil War). In World War I she served with the American Red Cross in Beauvais, France." A March 30, 1916 article in The Hartford Courant notes that Dorothy Cheney was on the committee for an April 4 "tea and sale of fancy articles" at Tinker Hall, sponsoring an address by Emily Pierson, "under the auspices of the Equal Franchise League."

[World War I] "Memories" by Dorothy Cheney   Dorothy Cheney wrote this small but very personal and interesting book about her experiences, along with her twin sister Marjory, while serving overseas with the Red Cross during World War I. Among other things, Dorothy was mentioned for bravery at the time of the bombardment of the American Hospital at Beauvais in 1918.
Notes on Dorothy Cheney's "Memories" book by Susan Barlow   Notes of Dorothy Cheney's "Memories" book written down by Susan Barlow while reading the memoir. These will give you a flavor of the content of the book itself, since the title doesn't provide an obvious connection to its subject matter.
Reflections on Dorothy Cheney's "Memories" book   Comments and observations from people who have read Dorothy Cheney's book on her memories of service as a nurse in France during World War I.
Dorothy Cheney Attains Fame On Field of Battle   Article from the Hartford Courant, dated June 9, 1918, concerning Miss Cheney's activities under fire at Beauvais.

"Gamut of Life" poetry book   by Mary Pierson Cheney (1874-1949), written in the early- to mid-20th century and privately published in 1948. Mary and her husband, Horace Bushnell Cheney, had five children.

Reminiscences of Ednah Dow Cheney (born Littlehale).   Autobiography of Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney, wife and biographer of Seth Cheney. Published in 1902, it contains portraits of Seth Wells and Margaret S. Cheney, as well as portraits of the author herself. This Google book was scanned from one in the library of Radcliffe College.

Memoir of Margaret Swan Cheney (1855-1882), by Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney   A long out-of-print memoir, written by her mother.

"Memoir of Seth W. Cheney, Artist", by Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney   A long out-of-print memoir, now located online at Google Books.
Drawing by Seth W. Cheney   of his niece Rosalie Goodman.

"Memoir of John Cheney, engraver", by Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney   A long out-of-print memoir, also by Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney, and now also located online at Google Books.

"The Making of an Artist: John Cheney, Engraver,"   14-page essay by Mark Sutcliffe (1963-2007), with illustrations and bibliography.

Catalogue of the Engraved and Lithographed Work of John Cheney and Seth Cheney   On Google books, scanned from the original catalogue at Harvard. The book was published in 1891 and includes listings of their works and the books with their illustrations, as well as names of their portrait subjects.

Cheney Letters "The Letters of Mary Bushnell Cheney and Frank Woodbridge Cheney"   compiled and edited by Eileen R. Learned and dedicated to Horace Bushnell Learned. Privately published as a 285-page spiral-bound booklet in 1988, and reprinted here with family permission. Includes photos and genealogical and biographical notes. Thanks to volunteers David Beal and Bob Gauthier for scanning and indexing.

"A Short Description of Silk and Silk Manufacture, Cheney Silks"   a 16-page booklet, describing history, economics, cultivation of the silk worms, and all processes of manufacture. Circa 1910.

"A Glossary of Silk Terms"   This 85-page 1915 Cheney brothers publication is available on Google books and offers a wealth of information about the silk business: the terminology of silk, a short history, its origin, culture, and manufacture.

Cheney Brothers 40-50 Year Employees   Photo taken May 13, 1924, with individuals identified.

Cheney Brothers handbook for employees   1924 booklet with some illustrations and a map of the silk mills, machine shop, boarding houses and other buildings.

"An Industrial Experiment in South Manchester"   An article about the Cheney silk manufacturing enterprise, published in the November 1872 Harper's magazine. It describes the manufacture of silk products in the Cheney mills, as well as the Cheneys' interest in workers' health, working conditions and housing, and the schools and entertainment opportunities they provided, in contrast to conditions found in other industrial enterprises of the era.
(Note: Harper's magazine began publishing in 1850 and continues to the present day. More about Harper's can be found in Wikipedia at Harper's Magazine.)

Cheney Brothers WWII award booklet   1942 illustrated program for an event at the State Theatre in which the Army-Navy "E" award was given to Cheneys for war work.

Church of the Nazarene, part of the booklet published in 1998 upon the church's 100th anniversary.

Circus Fire Reminiscences; interviews with survivors of the July 6, 1944 circus fire in Hartford; the booklet was published by Manchester Public Library during a "One Book, One Village" project in 2008. Thanks to participants, volunteers, and library staff for these interviews.

Communists arrested January 1920, article about "Reds" arrested in Manchester.

"Genealogy Notes of Driggs, Williams, and Keeney Families" and "Additional Genealogy Notes, including Wickham mansion information"   Excerpts from "Then and Now," a 1966 addendum to "The Genealogy of Alfred Waldo Driggs and Alice May Williams" of East Hartford. These pages contain photos of houses on North Main Street in Manchester, as well as information on the Keeney family and the first railroad to go through Manchester. Thank you to Susan Way for sending these pages. Both books have been given to the Raymond Memorial Library in East Hartford, CT. Susan Way says, "There are several mentions and small pictures of that stretch of North Main Street west of the Hockanum River."

Emanuel Lutheran Church, booklet published in 1931 upon the church's 50th anniversary, when its name was Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel Church.
Emanuel Lutheran Church, booklet published in 1956 upon the church's 75th anniversary.
Emanuel Lutheran Church, booklet published in 1981 upon the church's 100th anniversary.

Manchester High School history 1893 to 1943.

W. H. Jones Memoir   William H. Jones (1812-1903) was born and grew up in the Buckland section of Manchester. The Manchester Herald published a summary of his memoir in 1912, with several sub-headings: "Pioneer Silk Manufacturer. Enterprises in Buckland and Manchester From Recollections at the Age of Eighty-nine -- Buckland in Stage Coach Days -- Helped Build North Congregational Church -- The Silk Worm Craze and Manufacture of Silk Thread -- Fortune Lost by War."

"Direct Current Incandescent Lighting" published by Mather Electric   This 48-page book, published by the Mather Electric Company, describes the Mather incandescent electric lighting system. The actual publication date is uncertain but probably precedes 1893. It is profusely illustrated and provides a glimpse into the early days of electric lighting and power generation.

North End Bandstand Concert described in a 1926 News Article transcribed from The Hartford Courant July 4, 1926.

Paper mills of Manchester, part of a series by the Manchester Historical Society's Public Information Committee, reprinted from The Manchester Evening Herald, circa 1969.

Saint James and Saint Bridget churches, history and pictures in this 8-page 1897 article in the Sacred Heart Review.

History of Saint James Church, booklet published in 1999 upon the church's 125th anniversary.

Salvation Army History: South Manchester Corps History 1887-1937   A 15-page document with photos and notes, posted online by David Miller. In Manchester, the Corps encountered opposition, but pursued its mission of saving souls.

Salvation Army visitor Elizabeth Wilson (1881-1979) in this December 11, 1959 Manchester Herald newspaper article. Thanks to the Richardson family for this clipping.

"The Silk Industry in America"   A 71-page 1901 document, "The Silk Industry in America, as represented to the United States Industrial Commission," comprises testimony about the U.S. silk industry. Starting on page 726 (the reproduction begins at page number 667), you can read the interview with Frank Woodbridge Cheney, treasurer of Cheney Brothers. The original document is in the collection of the University of Michigan, and the online version is available at Google Books.

"The Silk Industry of the World"   A 68-page 1904 booklet, "The Silk Industry of the World at the Opening of the Twentieth Century" by Franklin S. Allen, this was originally an article for the Encyclopedia Americana, and also printed as this booklet by The Silk Association of America for its members. The booklet describes the growth and industrialization of silk manufacture, with an emphasis on the modern practices of the time.

"The Story of Silk and Cheney Silk"   Written by H.H. Manchester, and scanned for the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY, Copyright 1916 by Cheney Brothers. An illustrated history of silk production in ancient times through the vast Cheney Mill operation.

"The Miracle Workers"   A Cheney recruiting booklet to attract workers to the mills.

Series of 1922-1932 era Cheney Brothers Newsletters produced by Cheney Brothers for its employees.

SOMANHIS HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS And Barnard / Bennet Junior High School Yearbooks. Thanks to our Manchester Historical Society volunteers who undertook the project of obtaining and scanning these books for the free use of the public. Noting with thanks especially the major work of Noreen Cullen and Robert Gauthier, along with all who donated or lent books.

South Manchester Railroad Map   Many thanks to Joe Gibilisco who sent us this map, dated November 1932, of the Right-of-Way and Track Map of the South Manchester Railroad.

Biography of Christopher Miner Spencer   Spencer's life is described in this reprint from the 1886 "Hollister Family of America" genealogy compiled by Lafayette Wallace Case, M.D. The original is at the Connecticut State Library. See also the Spencer reprints in the listing above, written by the late Richard Tambling.

1923 Centennial March   In 1923, Manchester went all out for its 100-year anniversary. Harold A. Turkington wrote this Centennial March, which was for sale at Kemp's Music House for sixty cents.

1923 Manchester Centennial Booklet   A booklet printed in 1923 for Manchester's centennial, the 100th anniversary of its incorporation as a town. This 124-page publication contains the program of activities for the week-long celebration, photos of schools and churches, and advertisements for local businesses. Due to its size, the booklet may take some time to load on your computer. Some notes have been added, of commentary and correction. Thank you to the Case-Jacobson family for donating this vintage booklet to the Historical Society, and to Town Clerk Joe Camposeo for providing a photocopied version which expedited the scanning process.

1963 Manchester Schools   List of Manchester schools and principals from a 1963-1964 Jaycees booklet, "Town Guide, Manchester, Connecticut."

State Theatre brochure: Grand Opera Fall Series, 1960   This 8x10.25" brochure is printed in an unusual way, with a folded front cover (like a door) that opens to reveal the eight operas featured in the Opera Series. The back cover is an ad for Potterton's which sold TVs, radios, and "Hi Fidelity" stereo. The State Theatre was located Downtown on Main Street, near the corner of Bissell. The Full Gospel Interdenominational Church is now located in the building.

Tobacco Growing article transcribed from The Manchester Herald special Homeland Day edition, June 13, 1914.

Dedication Brochure for Waddell School   The four-page program for the October 4, 1953 dedication of Waddell School, brought to our attention by Cari Waddell Cieri, the granddaughter of George Waddell, for whom the school was named.

Whiton Memorial Dedication   Dedication program at the opening of the Manchester Public Library Whiton Memorial Library on May 10, 1932.

Woodland Park   sports meet results -- the competition was held at Woodland Park, a race track on Woodland Street, June 16, 1896. More about Racing at Woodland Park.

World War I casualties -- 599-page research project prepared by the Genealogy Group of the Manchester Historical Society; includes military records on Manchester's WWI dead.

World War I ticket to 9/15/1917 event "sending off" Manchester draftees and enlistees. Events included a parade, a program in the park, and a banquet.

World War I veteran Sergeant Auguste Grosjean shares letter from General John Pershing at an automobile show in Manchester.

World War I Welcome Home Day   32-page souvenir booklet listing events on May 17, 1919 -- dedication of the Army & Navy Club on Main St., speeches, a parade, supper, dancing, fireworks. The booklet lists those who died in the World War, those who served, War Bureau and committee members, and efforts on the homefront through the Red Cross, sales of war bonds, etc. The booklet celebrates the establishment of Manchester Memorial Hospital.

"World War II History of Manchester   by Archie Kilpatrick, published 1946, describing Manchester's contributions to the war effort, with photos, lists of veterans, etc.

World War II History of Manchester - Reflections


Edson Bailey Portrait Dedication

In Memoriam: Marshall A. McNamara Gave His Life for His Country 15 April 1969


Historical Society member and volunteer Dick Jenkins created and maintained the comprehensive website, which he started for his Manchester High School graduating class of 1955. Dick added photos by John Knoll, and stories about teachers and special places in Manchester. A Manchester native who now lives in Florida, and a professional photographer, Dick has decided to retire from his webmaster work, and has graciously agreed to turn over his website pages to the Manchester Historical Society.

Teachers' Hall by Sandy Finnegan Jenkins
Faculty - Morning Sessions by Dick Jenkins
Elisabeth Bennet - Education Pioneer by Dick Jenkins
Elisabeth Bennet - Additional Articles, Info, and Reminiscences by Dick Jenkins, with research by Noreen Cullen
Timely Topics: Allan Cone compiled by Dick Jenkins
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Miss Helen Estes: A Connoisseur of Group Dynamics by Crin Robert-Krouse
Hazel Lutz and Her Dream by Susan Barlow
Teaching Manchester's Children: An Interview with "Mrs. Maher," Bernice Mildred Strant by Susan Barlow
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Dwight Perry's 34 Years of Devotion to Manchester High Students by Crin Robert-Krouse
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