North End - New Bandstand
Hartford Courant, July 4, 1926
A news item from The Courant, transcribed in its entirety:

Sacred Band Concert.

The Manchester Improvement Club, which is sponsoring the celebration at the North End play grounds Monday evening, has arranged with the Salvation Army band for a sacred concert on Depot Square Sunday, starting at 7 p.m. standard time. The bandstand, which is to be used Monday evening by Colt�s band for the block dancing on the street, was completed tonight and will be used by the Salvation band Sunday evening.

Webmaster's note: Although I haven't found a picture of the actual bandstand, here is a c.1939 photo of the Depot Square area by Dr. Ralph Thrall (1896-1966), who practiced dentistry in the North End. Photo courtesy of the Wilson family.