Pitkin Glass Works
By Charles E. Jacobson Jr., M.D.

Ed. Note: Dr. Charles Jacobson (1910-2010) was influential in starting the Lutz Children's Museum, the Manchester Historical Society, and in preserving the Pitkin Glassworks. Dr. Jacobson's family graciously gave us permission to post this page directly on our web site, which was originally on his personal web site, after Dr. Jacobson's passing.

Note: Since Dr. Jacobson's passing, and lapse of his web site, Pitkin Glass Works information can be found by clicking the following links:
> A newly refurbished Pitkin web site, 2014: Pitkin Glass Works.
> From the Museum of Connecticut Glass:
> From this web site:

An article about the Pitkin Glass Works video historical project I undertook with Erland Johnson:

Note: The videotape referred to in this newspaper article by Susan Plese is available at the Manchester Historical Society. It has a date of 1991, which would be the date this article would have appeared.

A picture of William E. Buckley, author of A History of the Pitkin Glass Works , taken at the site itself:

A personal letter to me from William E. Buckley:

An image of the actual book A History of the Pitkin Glass Works:

Note: This book is available at the Manchester Public Library.

Also, I've posted the minutes from a typical board meeting of Pitkin Glass Works, Inc.

FEBRUARY 10, 2004

The meeting of Pitkin Glass Works was called to order by President Rick Ciralli at 7:15 PM.

The following members were present: President Rick Ciralli, Dave Smith, Mary Jane Cooper, Tom Duff, Genevieve Robb, Jean Kelsey, Sandra Cappellucci, Thelma Woodbridge, Jean Kocsis, Dorothy Olcott, John Spaulding, Ross Nelson, Harold Slater and Dr. John Malone.

The regular scheduled meeting for January 27, 2004 was rescheduled because of winter storm conditions.

The secretary's report was read and accepted after the following correction was made. A motion was made by Joan Kelsey at the meeting to give out-going president George Murphy a big Thank You for his many years of devoted service to Pitkin Glass Works.

The Treasurer, Tom Duff reported a balance on hand of $7,612.37. See attached report. Dave Smith had a question about the Clark Insurance payment of $100.00. It was explained that the charge was for Bonding insurance. Jean Kelsey asked if the amount from Ruth Shepard's estate was restricted. The answer was no.

Jean Kelsey motioned to accept the report and Dr. Malone second. The motion passed.

Old Business:
President Rick Ciralli passed out printed material showing what our web site would look like. He will maintain the site.

The site can be found at

President Ciralli made a motion to spend $7.95 per month for a host site. The motion carried.

President Ciralli will call Allied Printing to get a cost of reprinting the Pitkin Glass Book.

It was noted that more meetings should be scheduled to sort and organize the Shards from the digs at the Pitkin Glass Site.  The following dates and times were scheduled: February 19,2004 9:00 to 12:30. March 11, 2004 6:00 to 8:30. March 18,2004 9:00 to 12:30.

President Ciralli suggested that more excavations be scheduled at the Pitkin Site. Dave Smith will contact the schools and coordinate with U-Conn to schedule 2 digs in May.