From 1960 to 1971, the Manchester Herald ran a column named "From Your Neighbor's Kitchen". This proved so popular that they undertook to print spiral-bound booklets of the recipes and the contributing Neighbors, and gave them (for free!) to the newspaper's subscribers.

In this segment you'll be able to see each of those booklets and, more importantly, be able to see and link to the recipes, with the information in sortable table columns, on a year-by-basis. You'll also be able to see a composite grouping of ALL recipes shown annually, also sortable and individually selectable.

To access the yearly booklets by themselves, click on the desired year...

1960 Booklet       1961 Booklet       1962 Booklet       1963 Booklet       1964 Booklet       1965 Booklet

1966 Booklet       1967 Booklet       1968 Booklet       1969 Booklet       1970 Booklet       1971 Booklet

To access the various recipes in each year, in a sortable and selectable table, click the desired year...

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1966 Recipes       1967 Recipes       1968 Recipes       1969 Recipes       1970 Recipes       1971 Recipes      

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