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October 1922 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Photo of �Cheney Brothers� New York,� occupying basement, first, second, and third floors. • Ten Rules for making good at work and qualities of successful employees • �Clue� club activities • Photo �Noon hour at the mills� in Manchester • Plans for Second International Silk Exposition to be held in NY February 5 to 15, 1923 • Inspirational tips with Socrates quotes • Men�s Club activities: Bowling, theatre production, smoker. • Photo by employee of his vacation. • �Listen to Babson� opinion piece about the economy and taxes • �Silken Threads� notes about employees: job changes, marriage, engagement, etc. • New books at company library • Ad for the Clue club "Smoker" � where to get tickets (75 cents each), dinner, music, and speakers Clifford Cheney, Col. Heckman, J.C. McMichaels.
November 1922 Cheney Brothers newsletter. � Advertisement for The Sporting Costume • Point of Contact � The essence of buying and selling • Don�t Worry; Concentration • Stone in the Road • Clifford Cheney Greeted by a Hundred Members at Green Clue Smoker � Col Heckman and J.C. McMichael Give Interesting Talks • Kelly, Dople and McAllister Feature Entertainment • Cheney Silks for Spring • Silk Mill News • Bandana Handkerchief the Rage • D. G. Men Dine (Dress Goods) • The Magic Workers • People We Know, Miss Berhard, Miss Sedweek, Miss Dawson • Colored Boy Joke • Silken Threads • Thanksgiving in Cheney Land • A Departmental Ditty • Miss Brown Now Clue Librarian • Cheney Limericks • Cheer for the Girls • A half-pint effort will never hold a gallon of results • Book References • Heralding the third Clue House Party at Hotel McAlpin.
December 1922 Cheney Brothers newsletter. � What is the Christmas Spirit? • Second International Silk Exposition • Annual Red Cross Drive • For Lovers of Winter Sports • S. I. Warren Nominated for Director in S. T. A. • Volunteer Waiters for Next Clue Smoker; Mr. Budd grants permission to use Upholstery Floor • A Group of Cheney Spring Silks (picture) • Bring Family, Friends and Sweethearts; House Party • Laugh This Off (dinner menu) • Graphic Map of Silk Trade History • Silken Threads; employee news • Mary Pickford Visits the Store • Cheney Limericks • For the Letter Writer • Bowling Schedule • People We Know, G. R. Boyce, Miss Grace Owens, Ed Smith • Some Phases of the Work of the Medical Department at the Mill • Visits to Medical Department graph • Col. Heckman Speaks to the Get-Together Club • Delve Into Records for Service Awards • Cheney Silks advertisement with drawings.
October 1923 Cheney Brothers newsletter � This was a special issue commemorating the hundredth anniversary of Manchester's founding, and a very festive time in Manchester, with a grand parade, concerts, and similar celebratory activities. CONTENTS: 1838-1923, 85 years of silk mill manufacturing • Thousands Visit Industrial Exhibit, including photo of Cheney Brothers� Silkworm in parade; Cheney Silk Exhibit; Cheney Machine Shop; Pageant Wins Praise; Manchester Celebrates Centennial • Cheney Silks by Radio, Talk Given by Henry Creange, Station W.E.A.F., September 20th, 1923 • Historical Sketch of Cheney Brothers, From the Hartford Times � Manchester Centennial Edition, The Mt. Nebo Mill; Yearly Earnings $600; Years of Struggle; Secrets of Success; Cheney Brothers Incorporated; Ribbon Washing; The Grant Reel • Historical Parade, Centennial Celebration, South Manchester, October 5th, 1923, two pages of photos of parade • Historical Sketch of Cheney Brothers, Development of Plant; Community Welfare; Public Improvements; Street Improvements; Benefit Association • Silken Threads, employee news • People We Know, Robert E. Miller; Howard Vallentine; Miss Margaret Brown • Snapped by Our Vacationists, photographs • Historic Sketch, Cheney Silks by Radio; Educational Courses; Flowers From the Garden of Time, advertisement for Cheney silks.
November 1923 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover - Photo of Miriam Hopkins in Mary Laird dress • Fitting In • The Message to Garcia, Spanish-American War; As History Records It • A Lesson in English • Dame Fashion�s Page, Egyptian Evening Gown; Russian Afternoon Gown; Afternoon Gown; Bouffant Evening Gown photos • Chronological Tree of the Design Periods • Silken Threads, employee news • Comic Strip • Silk Opening Forecasts Spring Fashions • Business Books • People We Know, Harry Clark; William Rowe; Leighton Tracy • Silk Mill News, Charles Allen Day, Manager of Cheney Hall, Over 53 Years Service • C.B.A.A. Holds Bazaar • Advertisement for Cheney Silks, Hogarth Line.
December 1923 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Merry Christmas from Charles Cheney • Cheney Prints for 1924, Advertising Department • Special Course in Salesmanship • Miss Alexander Held Up • Books on Business and Finance • Silk Dinner • Prize Winners • Which Do You Prefer? • Get-Together Supper Big Success • Try Grading Yourself • Silken Threads, employee news • New York�s Birthday Marks Art Milestone • Science and Religion • People We Know, Miss Albina Romanoski; Floyd Smith; Robert Kane • Silk Mill News, Over Half Century of Service • Fillings • Next Season�s Cars • Weavers Lead • William R. Dunn, Over Fifty Years of Service • Backbone • Did You Know • Cheney Cravats advertisement.
March 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial, �Imagination� • Art In Industry Urged by Henry Creange • Recreation Pays Dividends! • There Is Nothing New Under the Sun • �How Many Yards Does It Take?� • Textile Course • Silken Threads • Cheney Bros� American Silks, Black and Colored, Gros Grains • When Writing Letters • Another Gem • Cheney Limericks • The Editor�s Mail Bag • Carefully Selected • Tips For Typists • People We Know, Mrs. Laura Roof; Chester A. Morgan; William A. Taylor • Silk Mill News • Ladies Night Get-Together Club Big Success • �Glos� Finds Favor • Prints � advertisement.
April 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial: As A Man Thinketh • Diversity of the Scarf • New Books in Library • What counts • Velvet Department gives Reception to Richard J. Mommers, The Pioneer Velvet Maker of The United States • The Silk Association of America • Get-Together Club Hears About Sales Organization • Too Modest • Budd Gives Talk to Art-inTrades Club • To Him Who Writes Letters • Silken Threads, employee news • Cheney Limericks • Annual Outing To Be Held June 10th • Silk Association of America, A Pause in the Story; Association Elects Officers • The Editor�s Mailbag • People We Know, Miss Helen Brandon; U.J. Lupienl Gene Ghio • Silk Mill News, Herman Bronkie has been secured as Playing Manager to direct Cheney Brothers� Athletic Association Baseball Team for the season 1924 • Two Long Service Men, Walter Saunders and Frank Saunders • Vivid Scarfs are everywhere! Advertisement.
June 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Business Methods and Practices of Cheney Brothers • Editorial, �You and Solomon� • The Business Methods and Practices of Cheney Brothers, as Told by Charles Cheney • Banquet at Cheney Hall for 40 and 50 Year Service Employees, with photo • Twelfth Annual Outing, The Best Ever • Manufacturers Visit Mills • Guy Bolte Resigns • Homer S. Curtis Joins Cheney Organization • The Big Bears and the Little Bears � the Twelfth Outing, photos • Silken Threads � employee news • Educational Lectures on Silk Fabrics • What�s in a Name? Ten Dollars • Cheney Limericks • People We Know, Frank Reilly; Carrie Schardt; Frederick Tietz • Get-Together Banquet A Huge Success• Cheney Silks advertisement, Cesar Borgia.
July 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial: The Point of Contact • Decorative Silks in America � Development of the Silk Industry in America; The Beginning; Cheney Brothers take up Decorative Silk Manufacture; Silk Statistics; New York Decorators in 1880; Then and Now • Prizes for Names • Wandering in the Swiss Alps • �In the Good Old Summer Time� Vacation Days! (comics) • Silken Threads � Employee News • Cheney Limericks • People We Know � Martin J. Bennett; Miss Rose Coghlan; Carl Warth • Silk Mill News � Ribbon Mill Has Outing • Conference at Conditioning and Testing Laboratories • Herb Ingham • Express Stop Needed • The Perpetual Change • The Missionary Spirit, By Roger W. Babson.
Fall 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial � Imagination in Business • Insurance Doubled Without Extra Cost; Amendments to the By-Laws of the Benefit Association of Cheney Brothers, September 8, 1924 • Educational Courses of Special Interest • �Ambition� a poem • A Story of Printed Decorative Silks by F.W. Budd • Cheney Prints Have Attracted Attention • The Style Chart Innovation; Cheney Style Service Chart of Fabrics and Colors for Fall and Winter 1924-1925 • Silken Threads, employee news • Cheney Limericks • People We Know -- Franklyn D. Griffin; Elsie Snyder; Elizabeth Killion • Silk Mill News -- New Stage Settings for Cheney Hall; William H. Coates; Third Annual Outing; Norman L. Hope, obituary • More About Salesmanship, Written Expressly for Eighteen Thirty Eight by a good friend of Mr. Budd • Cheney Silks advertisement.
November 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial -- This Hits Us All • Modern Art Period Finds First Expression in America in Textiles • Cheney Brothers� Bond Issue, Charles Cheney makes statement; A Fast Color Crepe Jersey • The Holzach Collection Shown; Forty Years Ago; It was a Pleasure to Show Her Around; The New Scarfs; The Lure of the Sea • Silken Threads � employee news • Cheney Bowlers Open Season of 1924-1925, Team Off To A Good Start; Strikes and Spares; Schedule • Silk Mill News, Charles Cheney To Talk on �Advertising New England�; Hartford Meeting Will Visit Mills; Filene Present; Visit Factories; Roger Babson Also; Exhibition; Final Program • Educational Movies at Cheney Hall; Truth; Making It Easier • Jacquard -- Advertisement.
December 1924 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial � Christmas • For Tom, Dick and Harry, An article from �The Silk Traveler� which was inspired by an interview with Charles Cheney • Shall Stocks Be Starved Another Season? • Cheney Brothers Wins First Prize • Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time • Silk Prices 25 Points Lower Than Woolens or Cotton Cloths; Good Stuff • Celebrities In Gowns By Gifted Modelers • A Cross Word Puzzle, By Elizabeth Paine • Silken Threads � employee news • A Stitch in Time • Cheney Limericks • Books to Read • People We Know � John Small; George Bredder; Tom McLaughlin • Advertising Delegates Visit Mills; Sir Henry Thornton Visits Silk Mills; Colonel Osborn Speaker at the Get Together; Edgewood House Set-Back Tournaments; The Book of Information for Cheney Brothers Employees; Get Together Christmas Party • Don�t • Indirect Problems of Industry, An Address by U.J. Lupien Before the Men�s League of the Center Church • �Mistakes� • Rules For Health • Why We Should Co-Operate in Business • Handle With Gloves • In the Rue Beauregard, advertisement.
January 1925 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Front Cover: photo of silk reeling • Editorial: Picking a Winner • Chamber of Commerce Hears Charles Cheney; Smooth Running Machine; A Silken Bond; Communism; In the Same Boat; The Complete Industry; Human Hands; Wage Problems; Style Leadership; Our Own Problems; Service Record of Sales Organization, New York; �Enthusiasm� • What About 1925? By Horace B. Cheney • Cheney Puzzle Fans Busy • Cheney Bowlers Going Strong • Silken Threads, employee news • Cheney Folks� Service Long; Silk Association Dinner • People We Know, Henry J. Reuman; Lawrence Dalton; Mrs. Elsie Scheu Henry • Silk Mill News: Christmas Party � Get-Together � Charles Day Honored; Fifty-Four Years� Service; Needed a Rest; Mr. Day�s Answer • A Simple Formula • Benefit Association of Cheney Bros. Statement For Quarter Ending Dec. 27, 1924 • Cheney Creations Win Trade at Fashion Show • A Flemish Brocade of the Seventeenth Century, advertisement.
April-May 1925 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Editorial: Getting More Out • Cheney Holiday up the Hudson to take place Tuesday, June 9th • Cheney Brothers New Sales Rooms • Photo: Madison-Belmont Building, Madison Avenue and 34th Street, as it will appear when completed • Cubism Invades Fall Silk Fashions � Multicolored Printed Velvets Crowning Textile Achievement; Figured Velvet Printed with Roman Stripe Effects; Monotone and Two-Tone Figured Velvets Also Shown • Cubist Influence in New Silks • �All-Over� Tendency in Design; Tinsels Show �Half and Half� and Three-Tone Ideas; �Checked� Tinsel Piquant Design; New Crepe Tinsel Introduced; Crepe Satins Show Jacquard Designs in Geometric and Floral Patterns; New Coat Material of Rayon and Silk; Silhouettes Are Worn Inside Coats; New Ferroniere Designs in Silks for Rich Lining Effects; Ensemble Theme to Dominate Fall Fashions; Cheney Weaves, Cheney Silks labels; Microkrepe and Frostkrepe Lead in Plain Fabrics; New Fabrics Are a 54-Inch Satin, and a Surah; Ribbed Fabrics Retain Favor � Flat Crepes More Popular Than Ever; Fall Colors Rich But Soft; Evening Colors Favor Pastel Shades • Silken Threads, employee news • Summary of the Report of the Benefit Association of Cheney Brothers, Year Ending March 28th, 1925 • People We Know: Mrs. Estrella Matthews; Joseph Plum; Miss Lillian Jelley • Silk Mill News: Back In The Early Eighties • Advertisement: Cheney Silks shown at Paris Exhibition.
June 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Set-up for making a warp; Mary Strong, Instructor • Photos of Albert Jackson; Martha Popple; John Cargo; Almeron Hollister • Story of 370,538 Bottles � Milk Successfully Distributed for Two Years; One Sixth Of Employees Buy It Daily • Found Few Changes To Recommend � Safety and Sanitation Committee; Spinning Mill Safety; Sanitation; B.G. Weaving Mill • Tells How Funds Are Distributed • What�s Happening In Departmental Meetings Of Works Council • John Mitchell; William B. Lull; John Kongiebel; Sven A. Lindberg; Thomas Wright • Equal Distribution Is Aim � Within Another Year Benefit Association Will Have Paid $2,000,000, For Which Members Contributed $850,000; Benefits Increased • Twenty-Year Summary of Benefit Association, November 1, 1910 to March 29, 1930; Returns By Class; $2,000,000 In Benefits; Drive Nets Near $3000 For Fund • Warping � A Picturesque Operation; How Lease Is Taken; Strength of Warp; Beaming • Growth of Medical Department, Service Dates from 1916 � Nurse Employed by Cheney Brothers Once Made Visits on Bicycle; Begins X-Ray Work; Consult Specialists • Dr. Knapp to Give Radio Address • Making the Job Safe, The Responsibilities of Supervisors; He Warns Them; Enforces Rules • Week End At Camp • Changes at New York Store, New Layout of Sales Headquarters Improves Office Efficiency and Service to Customers; Dress Goods Display; Speeds Service • Cheney Cravats advertisement.
July 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover photo of Louis Lane, fast hand twister joining two warps • Manufacturing Standards � Works Council Speaker Tells How Standardization Meets Competition And Battles Waste; Effects of World War; The �Best� Way; Mr. Gantt�s Work; Functional Control; Standards Must Change; Promotes Coordination; Would Salvage Ideas • Will Finish Term � Joseph Lyttle • Result of the Drive • Your Representatives: Edith Jackson; Ralph Vondeck; Arthur Larder; James Finnegan; Ruth Hanson • �That Dress of Mine� � Wherein It Appears That No End of Education Will Improve An Ungrateful Frock by Jane Grey Swisshelm; photo • Thousands Earned By Suggestions • Disposition of Employee Suggestions • Skill of the Hand � Nimble Fingers Twist or Draw in Silk in Preparation for the Loom; photo of Louisa Hahn and Dorothy Brennan at loom; How Hand Job is Done; Drawing-In; Reeding • Business Outlook • Girls� A. A. Program • Making the Job � The Responsibility of (unreadable); Negligence A Result; The Careful Employee • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings � Velvet Mill; Auxiliary Department; Weaving Mill; Throwing, Winding & Spooling • Question Box • Special Sale of Patchwork Pieces, advertisement.
August 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover photo: Joseph Falkowski and William Crawford working looms • WAGE ~ How Shall It Be Determined? 1. Day and Piece Rate; Day Wage System; Piece Work • Outlook For Dressing Room Employees • Department Enlarges Spinning Capacity • Question Box • Photo of evening attire • How Are Your Eyes? When Eyes Need Correction; Good Light Helps • These Suggestions Won Awards • New Sales Manager For Cravats • Tedford Describes Cravat Manufacture � Tells Works Council How Machine And Hand Sewn Ties Are Made; Machine Made Tie; Hand Tailored Tie • For Vacation Success • Your Works Council Representatives � Albert Behrend; Nellie Rock; Roy Norris; William Harss; Joseph Lyttle; George Hahn • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Auxiliary Division; Throwing, Winding and Spooling; Velvet Mill • Tennis Tournament in September • Compensation � Old Plan of System of Compensation Suited Neither Employer Nor Employee; More Questions • Yarn Operations End at the Loom � Weave Room Equipment Represents Largest Machine Investment In Plant • They Gave 130 Years of Service � Amandus Freberg; James Egan; William Priess • Cheney Brothers Remnant Salesroom Announces Three Important Features.
September 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Men working machines in mill • Chairman Tells How Works Council Can Achieve Greatest Success, By Albert Jackson, Chairman of the Works Council • �I Knew Him When �� with photo of older employees, including C. Herman Cheney • Article on the story of velvet weaving and the invention of the power loom • Remnant Salesroom To Be Enlarged • Wage ~ How Shall It Be Determined? Task and Bonus System: The Recognition of Individual Achievement; the second in a series of articles explaining Cheney Brothers� wage system; Task and Bonus; Job Classification; Credit Rating • Department Meetings; Throwing, Winding and Spooling; Auxiliary Division; Velvet Mill • Photo of Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall, draperies and chair coverings made by Cheney. • Compensation Brings Security • Design Pirate Reaps But Does Not Sow � Reputable Manufacturers and Artists Seek Protection Against The Copier • Your Works Council: John Boland; Axel Swenson; Irving Keeney; Patrick Mooney; John Laking; Michael Tierney • Suggestions Wanted on These Subjects (Listed by the Broad Goods Weaving Department) 1. Automatic Warp Let-Offs; Tension Control On All Operations; Pick Finders or Joint Makers • Named to Council • These Suggestions Won Awards • Two Receive Pensions: Miss Mary Woods; Theodore Bidwell • Build Resistance To Winter Colds • Question Box • Cheney Transparent Velvet Offered By Cheney Brothers Salesroom.
October 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Theodore Robbins, Jacquard weaver at loom • Works Council Elections Soon; Primaries Set for Oct. 20, Finals A Week Later � Management Will Appoint Its Representatives • Question Box • Cheney Hall � A Marvel of the Sixties; When Coach Service To Hartford Cost A Week�s Wage, Cheney Hall Housed All Local Festivities • Close Edgewood Dining Room • Cheney Jacquards Unrivalled In This Country; Some Thirty Year Old Commissions Are Still In Demand; photo of Jacquard loom • Pensioned, Alexis Tournaud • Miss Giglio Wins Tennis Finals • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings • Want Extra Copies of September News • Found: M. F. Tracy • Works Council Achievements; Plant Organization Has Affected Improvements In Every Department and Has Performed Many Confidential Services; Revision of Task, Bonus & Premium System; Changes in Credit Rating; Improvement in Working Conditions; Safety; Improvement in Process, Method, Equipment, Etc.; Benefit Association; Sanitation and Health; General Welfare of Employees; Information to Employees • Holds Annual Inspection for Safety and Sanitation; Results of Safety and Sanitation Inspections of Works Council • One Pair of Ears for a Lifetime • �The Old Black Hen� • Your Works Council Representatives � Helen Washkiewich; William G. Hughes; Mary Strong • Girls End Tennis Season With Harvest Dinner • Men Resume Club Program Oct. 14 • Wage ~ How Shall It Be Determined? The Purpose and Methods of Timestudy • Can You Solve ONE of These Problems? • How the Compensation Act Operates; Law Lists Facts Which Worker Must Prove To Establish Claim � Employer Has Four Main Defenses • �News� Helps Retailers Sell Cheney Silks • The New Cheney Salesroom For Remnants and Imperfect Materials, advertisement.
November 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: The Designing Studio with John Tournaud, Marion Crawford, Myrtle Volkert, and Annie Taggart • New Salesroom Opens At Cheney Hall; Pattern Service and Style Information Are Features; photo of Miss Reinita Gardner, Style Advisor • Win Suggestion Awards • Seven New Council Members Elected; Albert Jackson Again Named Chairman of Works; Representatives � New Committees Formed; Photos of Mary Sheridan, John Bensche, Clara Jackmore, Oscar Wilson, David Benson, Joseph Skoneski, Conrad Dietz • Employee Group Names Officers • Cheney Fabrics In Style Show; Daytime Frocks; Dinner and Evening Wear; For Informal Hours at Home • The Rose Foulard • From Artist�s Sketch To The Loom; Unusual Fabrics; Adapting a Design; Card Cutter�s Job • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Credit Rating; Premium Payment and Bonus Deduction; Piece Work For Weavers Unable To Run At Least Two Thirds Of A Job; Jobs Which Figure Over One Hundred Per Cent • Six Employees Receive Pensions; Ralph Russell, Sr., Mary Salvatore, William Walsh, William Perrett, Bridget Barnes, Nora Callahan • Dr. Shelton Discusses Tin Weighting Plant • Antique Costumes In A. A. Show • D. & F. Department Party At Osano�s with photo of attendee • Special Sale! A Limited Amount Of Cheney Debonair, advertisement.
December 1930 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Charles Ecabert prepares silk cloth into a vat • Sun Bronzed, Seeking Health; Sanitorium Kiddies Find Greatest Joy When �Comp�ny Comes� By Miss Maude White, Head Nurse • Depression is World Wide Condition; Howell Cheney Describes Disastrous Result of Governmental Efforts to Hold High Prices; A World Condition; Business Depressions; The War Boom; Answers Questions • Wood Available For Employees • Wondering Won�t Find The Answer • Get-Together Club Will Elect Soon • Four Are Still With Us � photo of machine shop employees • How a Weaving Task Is Figured; The Following Explanation of the Procedure for a Specific Job in Published at the Request of Employee Members of the Editorial Committee; �Standard Times�; Check on Study; Figuring the Task • Timestudy Sheet Taken From Records • The Boil-Off; First of the Finishing Operations • Question and Answer on Credit Rating • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings • Guard Gateways; Keep Out Disease; Fight Colds With Fresh Air; Simple Gurgles Are Best • Weaving Mill Teams Win First Bowling Round • Benefit Ass�n Members Get More Compensation; Important Differences; 24-Hour Rule • Calculating Tasks On Weekly Basis • Win Suggestion Awards • For Christmas Gifts � Cheney Silks, advertisement.
January 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photo of James H. Miniken, cutting a plate for a fabric design • Business Conditions • Responsibility • Answer Four Questions On Business Methods • On Committees • 32 Pensioned • Speeding Silk Across a Continent: Raw Materials Valued at Many Millions Are Specially Handled By Steamship and Railroad Companies; Cars Are Inspected; photo of steamship; photo as workers wait for trains; Panama Canal Route • B.G. Weaving Teams Head Girls� Bowling Leagues • Cheney Brothers Brought Velvet Industry To United States: Clifford D. Cheney Tells of Pioneering Days 50 Years Ago; Two Shuttle Loom; First Panne Velvet; Variety of Products • Can You Suggest-? • Johnson Named To Head Club • Lost Bonus Cases Less Frequent • Girls� Swimming Class Continues • Pensioned: Photos of Abbie Dutton; James Waddell; Kate Horan • Radio Is Gift To Sun Kiddies • Club Will Visit Bon Ami Factory • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings: Weaving Mill; Clerical Workers; Auxiliary Division; Dyeing, Printing, etc. • Over 500 Service Pins Given To Employees • Throwing, Winding, etc. • Salesroom Features, On Sale Now, advertisement.
February 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photo of Shell Room in the Dyeing and Finishing Mill • Statement Issued By the Company, wage reductions • For Relief • Bottle Mortality • �Gross Injustices� • �Above All, We Desire Stability In This Business� by Charles Cheney; Cheney�s Still Highest • Questions • Women Have Chance To Exhibit Their Skill With The Needle � But You Need Not Be An Experienced Seamstress To Win A Prize In Dressmaking Contest Now Open; Here Are The Rules • Photo of Patou dress in Cheney chiffon and formal evening gown • Designs For Prints Are Engraved On Shells; Work is Handled Successively by Sketch-Maker, Plate Cutter, Pantograph Operator and Etcher; Photo of Isabel Brown operating a Pantograph machine • They Won Suggestion Awards • Setting The Task For A Machineless Job; The Fair Speed; Allow For Delays, Etc.; Data For Setting Task • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Clerical; Throwing; Auxiliary; Photo of black Canton faille dress • Change Benefits Laid-Off Worker • New President, Get-Together Club, Karl E. Johnson • Hall�s Unique Role To Be Continued • Question Box • Nan Taggart, Alice Leister Highest Among Bowlers • Ex-Servicemen • Photos of Levi Wheaton and Dennis McCarthy, Pensioners • Cheney Hall Salesroom Offers A New Cutting and Pin Fitting Service, advertisement • Your Complexion Tattles Tales; Watch Your Complexion; Baths Are Important • Dressmaking Contest Now Open, advertisement.
March 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photo of men tending large printing machine in the Dyeing and Finishing Mill Finishing Mill • Ass�n Spent $1100 To Aid The Sick • Three Win Prizes In Dress Contest; Photo of Anna Caselli, Emma Genovesi, and Mrs. Mathilda Becker • Cheneys Answer Employees� Queries At Monthly Council Meeting: Clerical Pay; Salesmen; Salaries • Get-Together Hears About Typewriters • They Won Suggestion Awards • Suggestions Wanted On These Subjects • Telephone Typewriters � Make Possible Exceptionally Prompt Service To Customers; Sketches and photo • Big Print Machines Turn Out Quantities Of Figured Silk; Photo of five-color printing machine; Photo of handkerchief design • Photo of Frank Tryon, pensioner • Setting Tasks For Machine Workers • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings � Throwing, Winding, Etc.; Clerical; Auxiliary; Yarn Dyeing; Finishing; Printing; Velvet • You Need �Nerve� But Not �Nerves� • Magazine Service To Be Speeded Up •• Textile Machines Loaned To School • Question Box • Two Nurse�s Visits Free To Employee • Bowlers� Banquet And Election Due • Making Two Changes In Pension Rules • Vestal Bill Waits For Next Session • Girls �Nearly� Win In Bowling Bout • Now And A Year Ago • One Set Of Teeth For A Lifetime • Cheney Hall Salesroom Is Now Showing Spring Prints, advertisement.
April 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: The Van Vlaaderen machine for piece dyeing; operator, Armando Giancola Photo of men tending large printing machine in the Dyeing Cheney Silk News Is One Year Old • Letter to Editor • Medical Meeting to Be Held Here • Examination After Two-Week Absence • Anderson To Talk On Dye Fastness • Five Year Old Auxiliary Division Has Effected Important Economies; Organization Chart; Operating Department; Civil Engineering and Construction; Electrical Department; Mechanical Department; Woodworking Department; Mill Engineering Department; Machine Design and Research; Production Equipment; Maintenance Standards and Inspection; Rates For Men; Rates For Women • Elizabeth Cook, Pensioner, photo • Bowling Match • Piece Dye Dep�t Must Get The Right Color; photo of Paul Wupperfield, color matcher • Benefit Dividend Due Next Month • Two illustrations of fashions made from Cheney silk • Another Silk News Is For Customers • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings by B.G. Weaving • Throwing, Etc.; Piece Dye, Printing, Etc.; Auxiliary; Velvet • Trade School Given Discount On Looms • They Won Suggestion Awards • Ruth Hanson Elected To Head Girls� Club; Bowling Awards • Inspection Committee Finds Few Changes To Recommend • That First Dollar • Photo of Rudder Engraver • Are You A �Repeater�? • Ills Result From Misuse of Feet • Question Box • Cheney Hall Salesroom, advertisement.
May 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photo Palmer machine in Finishing room, being operated by Charles Carlson and Emil Hicking • Will Distribute a $66,489 Dividend • Benefit Association Statement • �Fabric-Into-Fashion� Sketches Show How Finished Garment Will Look; photo of McCreery�s display in New York • More Problems To Solve • Question Box • Cheney Silks in New Waldorf-Astoria; Decorate Home-like Rooms in Metropolitan Hotel; photo of room • Management From �Bottom Up� • Silk Men, Dress Trade Cooperate • Elect Directors For Girls� Club • �We Must Prepare Now To Meet The Demands Of Industry; Trade School Turns out Type of Craftsman for which State is Renouned; Historical Sketch; Industrial Connecticut; Vocational Education; At South Manchester; photo of Trade School�s machine shop; Courses of Instruction; How Trades Are Taught • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Throwing, Winding, Etc.; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Velvet; Auxiliary • First Dollar Was The Hardest � Or So it Seems From Employees� Horatio Alger Stories of Early Ventures; Charles Cheney; Austin Cheney; E. Ballsieper, Sr.; R.C. Pillsbury; J.W. Nickerson; L.S. Carter; Harry Benson; William J. Rowe; B.L. Knight; H.R. Mallory; A.F. Lashinske; William N. Sweet; John L. Reinartz; Otto L. Seelert; Albert Robinson • Pay $2.00 Charge For Refraction • Dexter and Taylor Invited to Speak • Series of Operations Give Desired �Finish�; photo of Max Shaller running Hydraulic Calender • Frank Cheney, Jr. Again President • Loomfixer and Weaver Pensioned: Robert Curran and Mrs. Johanna Schurmann • What �Interference� Means In Tasks • Girls A. A. Treasurer�s Report • They Won Suggestion Awards • Prevent Accidents • Cheney Hall Salesroom Special Next Week, advertisement.
June 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photo of Fadeometer in Research Laboratory Photo Palmer machine • Today�s Resume of the Silk Industry • A Glance �Way Back To 1843 Leaves Us Almost Cheerful • Quality Control Keeps Goods Up To Standard • Subjects Discussed Include Wage Readjustment at New York Store • Question Box • Committee Plans Council Meetings • Photo: Not a Masquerade; They�re Real Cooks • Sales Tag Says It�s A Cheney Print; Photo of Aura Crepe dresses • Ass�n Will Study Industry�s Ills • Girls� A. A. Tennis Season Opened • Avoid Accidents • Retirees: Rachel Hadden; Abbie Breen; Thompson Appleby; James H. Minikin; Mrs. Mary Trebbe; Thomas Bennison • Recalls Original Cheney Brothers • Eye-Work Counts In Fixing Size of Job � �Watching Time� is Especially Important in Weaving � Broad Goods Divided Into Five Classes; Minutes Per Day Per Loom; Plain and Box Looms • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings: Throwing, Winding, Etc.; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Auxiliary; Velvet • Employees� Ideas May Solve These Important Problems • Awards Number 75 To Date For 1931 � Most Valuable Suggestions Improve Equipment and Methods, Cut Cost, Promote Health and Safety • They Won Suggestion Awards • Decorate Fabrics By Cheney Climb Sky-High In Favor; Photo of Miss Ann Harding, movie and stage star • Goods Leave Folding Room Wrapped, Labeled and Packaged For Market • Cheney Opens New Grey Goods Dept • C. A. Staye Named Vice President • Colonial Pattern In New Mt. Vernon • How They Earned The First Dollar • Good Posture Jacks Up Your Position In Life • Truth-In-Fabrics Opposes Piracy • Cheney Silk News� New Headquarters • Advertisement � This Week Cravats • Advertisement � Cheney Silks, 40� Transparent Velvet.
July 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photograph, men and women gathering mulberry leaves in Japan • Photograph, Ward Cheney [webmaster's note: born 1899, died 1963] Elected President of Firm • Ward Cheney Conducts Council Meeting; Company�s New Head Introduced to Employees by Charles Cheney � Discusses Budget and Quality • E. F. Taylor Describes Throwing Dep�t Work; In Normal Times, Cheney Brothers Handle About 3,000 Pounds of Raw Silk Per Day, Superintendent Says • A New Product � Cheney Craft Cravats; Cheney Craft Idea; advertisement, photograph of cravats • Team No. 5 is Victor In Second Round • Cheney Bros� American Silks Black and Colored Gros Grains • What To Do If You Lose Pay Check • • Entire Dental Dep�t Under Dr. Freiheit • Stresses Importance of High Quality • Tea Room Opened In Cheney Hall • Twenty-Four Girls Playing Tennis • Plan Shore Party For This Month • They Won Suggestion Awards • Avoid Accidents • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Velvet; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Auxiliary; Throwing, Winding, Etc. • Urges Dressmaking Contest Next Year • Eunice Brown Wins $20 Contest Prize; photograph � Misses Eunice Brown, Ruth Johnson and Emily Remig • Messenger Envelope Used Wastefully • Directions For Laundering Cheney Washable Silks • Monsieur Jacquard Tells His Own Story � In an Old Magazine Published by the Cheney Brothers Almost a Century Ago • Photograph � Frank M. Saunders • Ride A Hobby-Horse For Better Health • Women Again Take To Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidering; photograph of embroidery floss • Advertisement of Cheney Hall Salesroom, Printed Crepes • Advertisement about home sewing.
August 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photograph, Improved Seri-Plane Introduced By Cheney Brothers • What Happens When We Have Too Much Credit? • Photograph of Pensioner Robert McDowell • Narrates Some Results of Hoover Proposal; Effect on Silk Industry of World Politics and International Finance is Subject at Monthly Works Council Meeting • May Discuss Winter Relief For Town • Photograph: Cheney Velvet In Garment Retailers Show • �Five O�clock Letters� � Ask Your Secretary About Them • The Thrice-Daily Problem of Food; Eat Common Foods; Take Your Time • Feature Manufacturers In Cheney �Ad� Series • Recommend Cheney Numbers For Fall • Fashion Promotes Velvet and Satin • Committee Working on Classification • Analysis Shows What Kind of Suggestions Are Needed • Girls Practice For Tennis Tournament • We Still Answer Queries � If Any • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; B.G Weaving; Clerical; Auxiliary; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Throwing, Winding, Etc. • Comparison of June Business With Year Ago; Sales Volume in United States Satisfactory, But Prices Reach Unhealthy Levels � Employment Figures • Avoid Accident • �Silk Day� In 1932 To Close Campaign • Advertisement: Market Finals • Cheney Brothers Complete New Seri-Plane; Improving Machine For Testing Silk And Other Fibers Is Turned Out By Laboratory and Auxiliary Division • Move To Improve Canton Quality • Machine Shop Teams Finish 3rd Round • Yokohama-Hoboken Route In 28 Days • Enter Trade Names For Cravat, Velvet • Most Accidents Happens To Hands • Have You An Idea On One Of These Problems?
September 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photographs, Defects in Reeded Silk; Cocoon Filaments • Probable Activity In Mill Dep�ts • Employment Figures, Payroll Changes • Says New England Is Faring Better • Cheney Line As Fast As Any On Market; Dress Fabrics Undergo Stringent Tests For Color Resistance to Laundering and Exposure in Sunlight; Photograph of Louise Stavens using Launderometer • There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Water � Outside or Inside • Raw Silk Is Tested Before Purchase; Conditioning and Testing Laboratory Learns True Quality of Raw Materials � Reeling Defects; Diagram of Tavelette System, reeling process • Cheney To Exhibit Two Machines • Milan Silk Experts Study Seri-Plane • Steep Increase In Pension Totals • Scheduling Dep�t Is Next Subject • What a �Full� Or �100 Per Cent Job� Means; For Convenience, Tasks May Be Set Slightly Above or Below The Figure Called For In The Study • Advertisement: Just the right size remnants for Scarfs • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings; Auxiliary; Velvet; Dyeing , Finishing, Etc.; Throwing, Winding, Etc. • Have You An Idea On One Of These Problems? • They Won Suggestion Awards: Accident List For Last Month • Reduce Hazards of Accidents • Heat Was Too Much For Girl Athletes • Get-Together Club To Resume Soon • Article Next Issue; Mention Department • �Of Ship, and Shoes, and Sealing Wax�� �Quotations From �Silk-Grower, First Cheney Magazine, Reveal That Editors Did Not Lack Variety of Subjects • Print of the original Cheney homestead on Hartford Road • Tells Trade About Decorative Line • More Manufacturers Featured In Weekly Advertisements • Supply Service To Yard Goods Dep�ts • Advertisement: Afternoon Elegance Satin.
October 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photographs -- wall decorations of Cheney fabrics • Council�s Final Election Oct. 20 • Recommend Fewer Council Members • Pensioned -- John Lovett, with photograph • Company Announces Salary Adjustment • Plan Routine Schedule For All Products: Organization; Weaving Planning; Weaving Releases; Finishing Planning; Engraving; Velvets; Process Stores • Question Box • Citizenship classes • Even Fiber Most Desirable: Skein Inspection; Winding Test; Nature; Cohesion; Lousiness; Evenness; photograph of �lousy� silk; Cleanness; Neatness; Sizing • What�s Happening in Departmental Meetings: Throwing, Winding, Etc.; Auxiliary; Printing, Finishing, Etc.; Velvet • Premium Is Quality Reward • Guard Now Against Colds • They Won Suggestion Awards; Your Idea May Solve One • Free Instruction At Trade School • Accident Report • Avoid Accidents.
November 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: New Works Council Members � Joseph McCaughey, Thomas Raby, Kerwin Elliot, Edward Wilson, Thomas Flavell, John Aliansky, Henry Coleman, William Dillon, Elizabeth Johnson, Margaret Dimlow, James Hynes, Sarah Pentland, Dennis McGuire • A Contribution, �That�s Not My Job!� • They Won Suggestion Awards • Your Idea May Solve This One • Accident Record � October Period • New Works Representatives Take Office � Dennis McGuire of Velvet Mill, A Reelected Member, Becomes Chairman � Committees Formed • Tag Identifies Cheney Fabric; sketch of authentic tag • Design Registration Proves Successful • Bowling Teams • Get-Together • Unemployment Relief Plan Gets Underway � Stephen C. Hale Tells Works Council How Committee Was Organized To Help Jobless • Departmental Meetings: Auxiliary • New Wage Rates Effective Nov. 9 • Propose To Abolish Company�s Cash Gift To Benefit Ass�n • Broad Goods Premiums Vary With Quality Requirements � Piece Dyed Commissions; All Other Commissions • Question Box • Pensioned: Draper Benson; John Croskey, both with photographs.
December 1931 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photograph of skeins of gold and silver tinsel for gift wrapping • Craft Cravat Scores • They Won Suggestion Awards • Accident Record � November Period; sketch of newest Cheney tie construction • Relief Committee Head Addresses Council � Fred A. Verplanck Tells How Community Has Mobilized To Protect Unemployed By Creating and Financing Jobs • Management Representatives For Works Committees Named • Cheney Brothers� New Print Protection Policy For 1932 Is Lauded By Trade; This Is Cheney Brothers Print Policy for 1932; Will You Do Your Share?; We Realize Our Responsibility • Pensioned: Thomas J. Heritage • Believe It Or Not, Here Is State�s First Silk Plant � photograph of Hank�s Mill, Mansfield, Connecticut • New Trade Names • Departmental Meetings � B.G. Weaving; Auxiliary; Dyeing, Finishing, Etc.; Velvet; Throwing, Winding, Etc. • Photograph of Complete Yarn Inspection Stand • Question Box • A.A. Finshes First Bowling Round • New Committee To Do Planning • B Stock Sale.
February 1932 Cheney Brothers newsletter � Cover: Photograph of Bridgeport, Conn., Salesroom For Remnants and Imperfect Goods • Open New Store - Bridgeport • They Won Awards • Accept 149 Suggestions In 1931 • Carey and Donaldson Address Works Council � Company�s Financial Adviser Discusses Sales Problem � Weaving Superintendent Stresses Quality • Separate Deduction Made For Time Lost • Pensioned After 40-50 Years� Service: Elizabeth Harrigan; Nils Anderson; William J. Foy; August Rebelskie • Question Box • Employees Warned • Fifty Cent Club • Departmental Meetings: B.G. Weaving; Auxiliary; Velvet; Printing, Finishing, Etc.; Throw., Wind, and Spool • Photograph of Original Cheney Main Office • Employees Win Recognition For Long Service � Frank D. Cheney and Philip Cheney In Thirty Year Group � Many Others With Firm From Fifteen To Fifty Years; Broad Goods Weaving Mill; Velvet Mill; Throwing Mill; Dyeing & Finishing; Dressing Mill; Lower Mills; Yarn Dye House; Spinning Mill; Winding & Spooling; Outside Labor, Power & Heat Machine, Electrical & Engineering Depts.; Cravat Sales; Purchasing Dept.; Industrial Relations; Chenical Laboratory; Product Engineering; Product and Compensation Research; Financial Economy Control Cravat Shipping; Financial Economy Control; New York Office • Ballsieper To Speak • Accident Record � December Period.