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Historian and writer Susan Way, now of Coventry, CT, has graciously allowed us to put copies of the Buckland Times on this web site. Susan had moved to Manchester from New Jersey, and found that "learning some local history helped me to understand my new home."

She published the Buckland Times during the 1990s, conducting research, interviewing residents, writing, editing, and including maps, drawings, and photos. The Buckland Times incorporates both personal reminiscences and historical research about the Buckland area of Manchester.

We have posted all the newsletters that we have found -- there are 13 newsletters below. If you are aware of any others and have missing editions, please make us a copy!

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Thanks, again, to Susan Way for permission to display the Buckland Times on our web site.

Webmaster Note: After this feature was added to our website, we've received correspondence from readers who shared thoughts about the Buckland Times topics and the memories that they brought back. See Memories for some of these comments.

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Date Articles Included Are...
November 1992 • Interview with Dick Keeney • Advertisements • Honorary title "Mayor of Buckland."
December 1992 • The Keeney family of Buckland • 1925 hand-drawn map of Buckland • Strike at Hilliardville at the Hilliard woolen mills.
June 1993 • Letter from Richard Reichenback and his memories of Buckland • Advertisements • The Connecticut Tobacco Growers Association and Buckland's tobacco warehouse, including a drawing • Drawing of a dump cart • Charlie Glode working for Meyer and Mendelsohn tobacco company • Railroads and other transportation.
February 1994 • Tobacco farms and the Mulnite family • Thresher Pony Farm • Buckland maps -- 1931 and 1940 • Advertisements.
June 1994 • The Chaponis family • Advertisements • 1931 Map of Buckland and Meekville • Excerpt from the 1922 Manchester Business Directory • Lithuanians in Buckland • Eminent domain and the J.C.Penney warehouse.
December 1994 • Hilliardville story and pictures • Advertisements • 1930 Map of Buckland, Hilliardville, and the Adams Mill area • Buckland School photo and memories about it • Families mentioned: Stella Krieski Kittel, Charles Kaselauskes, John Malesko • Photo of Hilliard Mills workers • A Sketch of the Life of E.E. Hilliard by his grandson Ernest Cooper.
May 1995 • Hartman Tobacco Plantation � drawings, maps, stories, and interviews • Advertisements • 1927 obituary of Adolph Hartman • 1850 agricultural listing of acres of land in Manchester.
December 1995 • Lathrop and Briggs families in Buckland before Hartman Tobacco • Advertisements • Edward Morse and Morse Business School • The "honey wagon" sceptic cleaning • 1850 and 1860 Census of Coventry • Burnham family of Coventry and Buckland and their home taken for warehouse.
December 1996 • Deaths of Richard Reichenbach and Walter Perrett, Sr. • Advertisements • Meekville story and maps from 1923 and 1869 • Gladys Adams and her book about Buckland • Meek family and related census records.
August 1997 • Music in Buckland • Advertisements • Family of Harper and Hattie Case • North End -- vaudeville to TV.
December 1997 • Jackson family of Meekville, story and picture • Advertisements • Culver family • Zaremba family • Related census data and maps.
April 1998 • Kelly and Sissy Kellehan and Kelly's Pub, story and picture • Advertisements • White Eagle restaurant • Union Manufacturing Company with maps • Polish and Lithuanian residents • B.C. Apel and his opera house • Reprint of a memoir by Marge McMenemy • Related census data, drawings, and maps.
November 1998 • Thresher Pony Farm • Woodland Gardens and the Zapadka family • Advertisement by sponsor Woodland Gardens • The Donahue family of County Limerick and Adams Street • The Buckland Fife and Drum Corps with photos from 1910 and 1917.

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